About Us

Seewald Labs provides independent, third-party chemical and biological analysis to clients throughout the U.S.   Naturally, we strive for precision and accuracy in all of the services we offer.  It is part of our mission to uphold the ideals of strict objectivity and good science. As the field of analytical chemistry evolves, we are always working to present information which might be useful to our clients.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the materials found here, or anything pertaining to environmental chemistry in general.  We are a Nationally Accredited laboratory.  

You may call us anytime at 570.326.4001 or use our online Contact form.

Quality, Ethics, and Data Integrity Statement

Seewald Laboratories, Inc. strives to produce analytical data that is of the highest standards in accuracy and quality.  To this end, the Owners, Directors, Managers, Analysts, and Employees of Seewald Laboratories, Inc. have a commitment to offer to our clients the best in quality services and analysis.

It is the policy of the management at Seewald Laboratories, Inc. and our employees to conduct business with the highest integrity in an ethical manner to protect the health and welfare of the environment and the customers and communities we serve.



Seewald Laboratories maintains certificates for the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP), and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA).  Below are digital copies of the certificates:

PA Rural Water Association

West Branch Susquehanna Builders Association

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