Chain of Custody (COC) Information Center

Seewald Laboratories, Inc. offers its customers a digital version of our chain of custody document for easy entry.  Below is a link that will allow you to download an editable pdf version of our COC.  You may fill this document out prior to your visit and save it for your records.

Prepare Your Own COC


Why do you need a COC?

A stringent Chain-of-Custody (COC) system is vitally important to ensure the validity of collected samples. This record begins with the collection of the sample and all containers that are used and indicates “who did what and when” until final disposition of the sample at the Lab. The custody procedures used are to ensure that the integrity of the sample is maintained throughout the course of the collection, handling, and transportation process (ex. that there is no opportunity for inadvertent contamination or mishandling). A sample is considered to be under a person’s custody if it is in the individual’s physical possession, in the individual’s sight, secured and tamper proofed by that individual, or secured in an area restricted to authorized personnel only.