Local school district superintendents toured Seewald Laboratories, Inc. on December 4, 2013 to learn about what skills are needed by their students to gain employment after graduation.  Visitors included Dr. Portia Brandt (Muncy School District Superintendent), Michael Pawlik (East Lycoming School District Superintendent), Robert Grantier (Loyalsock Township School District Superintendent) and Jason Fink (Executive Vice President of the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce). The superintendents met with the management of Seewald to discuss what local industry is looking for from potential employees.  The visit allowed local school districts to learn about the environmental and agricultural testing industry, as well as, helps them to improve the employability of their students.  “It also gives me and the other superintendents a real barometer of what employers are looking for, “ explained Robert.  The visit consisted of a tour of the Reach Road facility and multiple lab demonstrations.  Portia said that it allows us to see what opportunities there are for students.  Michael added that he always wants to know where a company sees itself five years into the future as that’s when their students will be entering the workforce.