On July 21st 2015 Seewald Laboratories, Inc.’s Laboratory Director, Ray Martrano, presented at the annual Association of Accredited Laboratories for PA and NY states.  This year in Corning, NY Ray presented twice with the first topic covering “What Does The End User Do With Our Data?”.  During this presentation Ray discussed the massive amounts of data generated by your lab each day and the decisions that are made based on this data and how the implications can range from a few dollars to millions.  The focus of the speech was how important it is for a laboratory to understand how your data is used once it leaves your door.  Far too often people do not understand what the numbers really mean.  People who attended this talk gained appreciation for what you do at the bench and how the data you generate impacts your customers and the world around you.

The second presentation was “Laboratory Fraud from an Insider’s Perspective”.  Everyone who works in a laboratory is aware of laboratory fraud and the consequences surrounding fraud.  During this presentation Ray discussed what causes laboratory fraud, how it can be spotted, as well as, measures to take to prevent it from occurring in your lab.  It differed from similar presentations surrounding fraud because Ray had been associated with a laboratory before, during, and after it was actively investigated for fraud.  Throughout the presentation Ray shared stories and lessons learned to give the audience insight on how to manage their lab to avoid these and similar pitfalls.